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The creation of mutual trust provides the basis for our client relationships and is continually reinforced through our personal commitment and the professional performance of our employees. This results in satisfied clients and long business relationships.

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Listen first. Ask questions. Learn to understand. Weigh up options and come to sustainable solutions. Achieve long-term added value for our clients, exceeding pure tax advice. That is what is important to us. Together, we find the best solution for your issues, for your business. Hötzl + Partner advises and supports you in all aspects of tax law, in financial matters and in business management. As certified auditors, we guarantee to present your company data correctly.


We provide personal advice and continuous support. We accompany our clients over the course of years. We take over accounting, payroll and balance sheets; we handle payments and develop long-term corporate strategies. As certified experts, we compile reports and represent our clients before authorities. In addition, as a member of the International Practice Group we have an excellent network of external, international advisors at our disposal and are able to represent the business interests of our clients around the world.


Be open. Curious. Don’t settle for the expected. Try going new ways. Even when there is resistance. Be critical. Towards yourself and preconceived opinions. That’s important to us. We believe in expertise, not in rigid hierarchies. We know that no one can know everything. That’s why we have experts from a variety of areas in our team. And yet are still always on the lookout for new employees. For people who will help us help our clients.
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We are pleased that you are interested in our business. We are looking forward to your appointment or visit in our office. Our office is accessible via tram lines 1 and 7; the stop is Lichtenfelsgasse/Kunstuniversität or Merangasse. Parking spaces are available in the public short stay zone.
If you wish, we would also be happy to visit you.

We manage your accounts for you on an ongoing basis, together with monthly business analyses and VAT returns as well as additional statistical assessments that may be necessary. In the course of digitisation, we have already implemented paperless accounting, and will gladly support clients in the transition process. Furthermore, it is possible for you to prepare your accounts on our servers and have us put together the checks and assessments. You can download a cash book here.

For us, the monthly payroll includes, among other things, the management of payroll accounts, correspondence with tax authorities, preparation and submission of annual salary statements and, if requested, the ongoing administration of holiday and credit hours as well as the calculation of provisions. Alongside putting together the monthly payroll for employees, we are at your disposal for special requests concerning payroll tax, social and work laws as well as for support in the submission of audits. We are also at your disposal as a pure data processing centre. You can download a travel claims form and a personnel registration sheet here.

We prepare annual financial statements in terms of calculating profit, income and expenditure as well as operating assets comparisons or balancing. The latter can be done according to national employment law as well as according to international accounting regulations, such as, for example, IFRS.

As we calculate a range of responsibilities for our clients, such as VAT, wage levies, advance payments etc. for the tax authorities, we offer to arrange subsequent payments if the relevant banking authorisation exists.

The high level of complexity of Austrian tax law and ongoing changes made by legislators and jurisprudence represent a great challenge for businesses and tax advisors. Our task is to stay on top of things and find the best possible tax structure. Naturally, tax advice at the national level is our main area of expertise, but we are also in a position to offer international tax advice, in particular by consulting colleagues from our international network IPG, in which tax advisors, auditors, lawyers and notaries from all over the world are represented.

The type of tax return required for taxpayers depends on their individual situation. We make sure that all necessary tax returns are submitted completely and correctly and delivered to the tax authorities on time.

The employment and social security law is a complex and quickly changing area that demands a high level of specialised knowledge. In this case, we collaborate with social security organisations.

This includes communication with tax authorities in all matters, identification of possible remedy requirements, their preparing and filing, as well as representation in criminal tax proceedings and the filing of voluntary declarations.

Apart from the ongoing advice, we support our clients in founding a business with regards to all possible demands that might arise from it, such as the choice of legal form, business plan etc. Furthermore, we offer support in the termination of business activities with regards to business handovers including all subjects relating to succession as well as in the termination of the business.

The most frequent reorganisations are incorporations and mergers. However, we also advise you comprehensively in cases of conversions from corporations to private companies and individual companies, de-mergers, mergers into private companies and division of assets.

We advise in all matters of private foundations. From the character of the founder to the dedication of assets, the structure of the foundation, the beneficiaries, the accounting or the audit to the eventual withdrawal.

Financial advice

Investment comparison calculations

Business valuation

Business and management advice

Planning calculations, budgeting and control

Restructuring consultancy

Takeover of fiduciary services

Cost calculation

These methods provide useful information that is relevant in making decisions during the current business year. Together with a budget it can indicate in a timely manner to what extent a business is meeting or failing to meet its targets.

M&A advice

In the area of auditing, we carry out voluntary and statutory audits of individual and consolidated financial statements according to Austrian and international standards. In order to carry out audits, understanding our clients’ company is a prerequisite. Building on the analysis of the economic and legal environment, the business risks, the internal control systems and the risk management, we develop a risk-oriented control strategy adapted to the company.

Thereby, the audit shall not only fulfil a legal duty, but value should also be added to the company by pointing out possible ways of improving and rationalising. Our services in the area of auditing include, among others:

Statutory audits

Special audits

Private foundation audits

Audits in connection with reorganisations

Account and performance audits

Implementation of audit reviews

Donation audits

Business assessments

Loss of earnings

Excessive debts and inability to pay

Basis for assessment of maintenance